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Peacock Books & Wildlife Art News — Bear

Day 15, January 15, 2019, Tuesday

Bear Lisa Loucks Christenson Minnesota documentary Sam & the GRYT Adventures Sam the Border Collie

Day 15, January 15, 2019, Tuesday

Today the weather was cool, hovering around 35 degrees, with dark skies, but it didn't rain or mist like it did yesterday. The trails were icy, and that made walking and hiking up them hard to remain on the slopes, but coming down the bluffs that was more difficult.
While hiking, I found some different looking scat today. I can't identify it. No hair, just odd looking pieces and chunks of something. I just couldn't identify what that "something" was. As I walked in deeper, I heard moaning, the kind a bear makes in the woods, and not a bird sand, except for a solo crow, a couple, blue jays, and a pileated woodpecker. Whatever it was, It was traveling at a good pace up to the ridge anyway.

From the time I arrived until I left, I heard intermittent barking. From the tone, it sounded like a female coyote, and by the end of my visit it had crossed my path and was on the same side of the bluff as me. Usually I see the male coyote hanging around me. I wonder if this one lost a mate? 
I saw two eagles in the valley and one on the way to the valley today. The pair in the valley circled each other until they were at least a couple thousand feet in the air flew towards each other and I could hear their calls. I watched as they locked talons and dropped from the sky. It's always fun to see this behavior, same with the hawks.

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