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Peacock Books & Wildlife Art News — Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary


From 2005 to 2020, Lisa Loucks-Christenson dedicated a substantial amount of time to her bald eagle documentary. To document her research on Minnesota's bald eagles, she wrote a book for every year. These books have been well-received in market testing, but the author is waiting to fully publish them until all the episodes of her story are ready for launch. The total number of episodes exceeds 3500.

Her story follows a pair of eagles in the wild, raising their first eaglet in 2005 to their expanding family each year, up through their last eaglets, and the last books are her reflections and conclusion of this project, under her Struggling For Existence: What Nature Shared and her Ten Feet Under The Canary Grass, an autobiographical journey into how her projects changed her faith. Lisa covered multiple eagle nests on her outdoor beat, covering 13-miles, ending at the very start of the old wild, wild west—on the shores of the west side of the Mississippi. Not only was this location picturesque, but it also served as the exact backdrop for her award-winning Donnie Destin™ western series. Her first book, Worm Moon, received a book cover award for her illustration, sparking the interest of her western-loving customers.

Lisa’s Bald Eagle Documentary is a story of faith, resilience, a message of hope as Lisa shares the lives of eagles from not only their nesting area, but on foot as they fledged, roosted on the river, their encounters with other humans and wildlife—all the way to the end.

In this long-running documentary that has surpassed 14 years, this artist, writer, and photographer, who has a strong affinity for nature, found herself unexpectedly faced with a second assignment. Lisa's initial project, driven by her love for nature, gradually evolved into a quest to uncover the truth behind the plight of wildlife. She tirelessly documented and probed into illegal activities such as trapping, dumping, poaching, and other wildlife crimes. She diligently reported these incidents to the relevant authorities and maintained connections with the federal government. Lisa's research on the Whitewater Valley was thorough and encompassed various subjects such as habitats, weather, seasons, fungi, flowers, wetlands, sloughs, oxbows, and rivers. Minnesota Sketchbook: Whitewater (2025), her forthcoming publication, highlights her artistic talent through a blend of art, comics, photographs, and field notes capturing her outdoor explorations.

Lisa's exhibit, Winter Bugs!, and her best-selling book were both featured at the National Eagle Center. Her bald eagle documentary, titled Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, received coverage on regional television and outdoor radio news.

Struggling for Existence: What Nature Shared, Lisa's long-term project, is nearing its completion. Exploring Lisa's two-decade study, this book reveals her profound understanding of the true meaning of "survival" as shared by nature.

Make sure to regularly check the website for upcoming news, exhibits, films, and animations by Lisa Loucks-Christenson. All of her photographs, artwork, greeting cards, and books have consistently sold out. Therefore, if you're interested, please consider pre-ordering any items that catch your eye. You are not obligated to buy once you place an order. Reach out to the store by calling (888) 983-3085 and inform them of your order preferences. Some books may have a limited quantity allowed. Peacock Books & Wildlife Art is the exclusive retailer of Lisa's physical books, art, cards, and clothing, all of which are showcased in her gallery.

Sadly, Lisa is currently withholding the release of any ebooks for these titles as her work has been consistently and brazenly stolen.

If she makes the choice to convert her books into ebooks, she’ll offer them for sale on Amazon.



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Day 12, Saturday, January 12, 2019

Lisa Loucks Christenson Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary Minnesota eagles Nest 3 Nest 4 Sam the Border Collie

Day 12, Saturday, January 12, 2019

I took Sam the Border Collie along with me today. We went to go check the eagle activity on nests 3 & 4. Happy to report both nests sites have eagles working on building up their nests.

I saw the Nest 3 pair mating on the nest the other day. I think, without looking back in my notes, the Nest 6 pair still holds the record for the earliest mating in January. January 10th, it seems.

Nest 5 pair was working on their nest a couple days ago. 


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