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WINTER BUGS EXHIBIT Opens: Saturday, November 26, 2022, 11AM (CST) and runs through March 31, 2022. Peacock Books & Wildlife Art Galleria at University Square 111 Broadway Avenue South, #100, Rochester MN 55904
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Law Enforcement: Another hacker illegally accessing my store

Law Enforcement: Another hacker illegally accessing my store

Another illegal access into my Shopify store:


IP address






Unknown Location


Logged into my Lisa Loucks-Christenson syndicate site, on Shopify





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Fake Spot is illegally embedding their code into at least three of my SHOPIFY stores

Evidence of Fake Spot in my store #3 Exclusive books are sold at Lisa Loucks-Christenson networked stores Fake Spot electronic eavesdropping and hacking and inserting code--illegally into my store Fake Spot is hacking my Shopify store Fake Spot posting a live link in my web stores to get you to communicate with them Fake Spot: Cease and desist your hacking into my stores. How to steal your competitions visitors: Fake Spot posting and analyzing Lisa Loucks-Christenson's exclusive books to direct customers away from her online stores How to target Lisa Loucks-Christenson Lisa Loucks-Christenson's exclusive products are being targeted by Fake Spot Three Shopify stores owned by Lisa Loucks-Christenson are being targeted by Fake Spot

Fake Spot is illegally embedding their code into at least three of my SHOPIFY stores

Fake Spot -illegally embedding code in my Shopify Store

11/27/2022, Rochester, Minnesota.


This site is a catalog of information to learn about my upcoming books, art, exhibits and there is no way to purchase or review my products online.


Do you see the white square that wants you to share and report any issues to Fake Spot? That is a 100% code that I did NOT approve, have not embedded, have watched for over a year, on three of my Shopify stores, their attacking my brands: on my products sold EXCLUSIVELY in my brick and mortar store. 

Older messages from another store tell the viewer to be wary and direct them off my website, because the product isn't available elsewhere (that's right, it's EXCLUSIVE!).

I have reached out to Shopify. They deny they are affiliated with Fake Spot, even though the Fake Spot website claims they are affiliated. I'm not signed up with them, partners, or want anything to do with them. 

They have illegally targeted me and my three stores (at least). I don't sell any products online. You have to order through my physical stores. There you will find real reviews of my stores and products from worldwide customers.

Fake Spot has declined to comment. Not answered my legal correspondence. Has not stopped inserting code into my websites, is illegally monitoring my visitors and how they look at my products while putting pop-ups into the various product pages giving them denial or approving ranks, by their methods, again, illegally and even giving the visitors a button to click back to them to report information from within my websites. 

For a company that calls out fake reviews, it's even more interesting that they target me, a number one bestselling author, illustrator, and photographer. A person who sells direct to the consumer, through my brick and mortar business, and if someone wants to leave a review, they can in the book in my physical store. I don't buy reviews. I don't send products out in exchange for free reviews.

Reviews in my store are there and are available for the public to read. I don't think anyone has ever gone and read the reviews and comments and made it a deciding factor on buying my products or any other vendor I carry. My book or reviews and comments doesn't make any difference on what someone purchases. They are written by the consumer, physically, while in my stores.

So there is no reason this company, who I am not a member of any services, have any of their apps, use any of their services, that they should be injecting their code into my websites, again, at least three of them.

But the two screenshots and video do not lie. This is evidence of their electronic eavesdropping, hacking, interception, and analyzing my products--live in front of my customers, not their customers--but they have included a live button to reach out to them if you want more information on my exclusive books and art, photos, and business. 

Be aware, if you see these on my sites: They are illegally communicating with you. Please report all incidents. 




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First Book Completed in the Adventures of Valentine & Allie series by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

A new series based on the adventures of a domesticated starling (found as an orphan) and Valentine Chihuahua and bird story Exclusive book sold through Peacock Books & Wildlife Art and Lisa Loucks-Christenson stores Lisa Loucks-Christenson Local Author The Adventures of Valley and Allie™

First Book Completed in the Adventures of Valentine & Allie series by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

11/22/2022: I finished my 32nd illustration for the first book in the Adventures of Valentine & Allie.

I will start selling my art, exclusively in the Peacock Books in December, and the books will be sold at the store too beginning in 2023.

Meanwhile . . . I'm starting their next adventures in Book 2, starting 11/23/2022.

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Saturday, 11/19/2022, 9AM (CST) Anthony Eichenlaub is Lisa's Featured Guest

Anthony W. Eichenlaub Author Book News Lisa's Walk The Talk Show Live show

Saturday, 11/19/2022, 9AM (CST) Anthony Eichenlaub is Lisa's Featured Guest

Live Broadcast tomorrow at 9AM (CT) with Anthony Eichenlaub. I have several of his signed books in my Peacock Books store in the Galleria. Please support local authors!— Lisa Loucks-Christenson (@lisasbookstores) November 19, 2022

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THE SKATER, Book One, Christmas in the Blufflands is Lisa's most requested Christmas Title

Book One Christmas in the Blufflands Exclusive product at Peacock Book L.L. Christenson Lisa Loucks-Christenson Snowy Creek Books™

THE SKATER, Book One, Christmas in the Blufflands is Lisa's most requested Christmas Title

 THE SKATER, Book One, Christmas in the Blufflands is Lisa's most requested Christmas Title 

Lisa's excerpt (Advanced Review Broadcast)


Title: The Skater

Number in Series: 1

Christmas in the Blufflands™ Series

Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson writing as L. L. Christenson

Cover Illustration: Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Publisher: Snowy Creek Books™  

Quote: "Sometimes it's not what you know but who you skate with that changes your world."––Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Synopsis: When 50-year-old Sloan Miles revisits his childhood hockey rink to skate and shoot a few pucks, a man who goes by the name G. Shepherd arrives wondering if he can enter Sloan's game. 

While they skate, G. Shepherd asks Sloan life-challenging questions that bring  comforting words to Sloan's over-stressed heart.

Can this man find a way to restore Sloan's shattered faith and the trust that he'd skated away from as a young man?


Sold Exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art and the Lisa Loucks-Christenson Syndicate.


Rights:  Foreign Rights Available, Contact Lisa:

Lisa LC Icon Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Author Page at Amazon

Lisa LC Loucks-Christenson icon Lisa Loucks-Christenson Archives

Lisa Loucks-Christenson Media Syndicate Lisa Loucks-Christenson Media Syndicate

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