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Day 13, Sunday, January 13, 2019

by Lisa Loucks Christenson |

Minnesota valley

                                                Non-disclosed location for safety of study subjects

Today was a great day for tracking in the valley. I brought my niece Gusty with, and her dogs, Beau and Asher.  The path we took was ice coated--the entire hike which made for difficult walking, but we would have missed all the ice-trapped tracks, the hawk flying off from the hooting of a great horned owl, the wave of woodpeckers, blue jays, and chickadees, and of all the sounds of the open woods.

I don't think we went twenty feet without running into a new pile of scat, one was fresh and probably the animal that broke through the woods as we entered the deeper woods. From the looks of the various piles of scat there is no doubt that there are at least two different species, the tracks are there to prove that. 

Makes me want to check into the woods farther, but wait until there is some snow on the ground for better tracks and to see how often the animals are coming through. I'd put field cameras up but I have a 100% chance of them getting tampered with, or stolen, as usual. 

On the way out Gusty and I both noticed at the same time--our only bear for the day--a black and orange, six-legged one that is. The dogs weren't sure what to think of this new critter, but had to see it up close for themselves. 

When I recorded my Winter Bugs! Documentary I found over 10 caterpillars--just like this woolly bear caterpillar, out roaming the woods in the winter. Insect life is alive and well during this January 2019 winter--and this is the second woolly bear this week.

After our outing I took Gusty to A&W in a nearby town and grabbed an early dinner.

Thanks Gusty, Beau, and Asher for the great day outdoors!

--See you on the journey!


Lisa Loucks Christenson with Gusty, and dogs: Asher, Beau