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When Garrison Keillor Stops By . . . Invite Him In

by Lisa Loucks Christenson |

It was a rain-spattered afternoon today in downtown Rochester. I don't mind the weather, I've stood in a thousand plus rainstorms when I'm in the outdoor working on my wildlife documentaries and nature footage. I was working indoors, no mosquitos, stinging nettles, or burdock to stick to my clothes or hair.

Today, I was warm, dry, and my feet didn't have to slosh around in water-filled boots. Instead I dusted my shelves in our new Peacock Books store, add new book arrivals to my front window. Due to popular request, I decided to place Hoda Kotb's new book, I've Loved You Since Forever, and I positioned where it seemed most natural to be . . . right next to Kathy Lee Gifford's, The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi, another highly  recommended and requested title.

I turned around to go back inside my store when I saw a man dressed in a nice suit who caused me to pause, then smile. I recognized him immediately, he was the one and only Garrison Keillor. A gentle soul, a man with a gift for conversation that hummed as he searched through my new book selection. 

I'd hoped he'd find a title, what does a new book store stock in two weeks? Would I have something he'd like? I told him I didn't even have his books in yet. He showed me his latest manuscript curled in his hand, and said, "You do now." (Not for sale it was a work he was finishing).

He hummed as he walked around. I was happy he did find a couple books. We talked about his writing and his new manuscript, no telling details, but rather a story I'm hoping he'll finish soon and then come back and do a book signing. He took a business card, thanked me  and hummed as he left, having made my day brighter for being here.

Thank you Garrison! Looking forward to our next visit when you are in Rochester.

--Lisa and David



©2018 Lisa Loucks Christenson