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Peacock Books & Wildlife Art News — Sweet Romance Book Bargains Newsletter

Anne Kemp Valentine Day Special!

Sweet Romance Book Bargains Newsletter

Anne Kemp Valentine Day Special!

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February 14, 2024

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day filled with love and joy. Prepare to have your day brightened with our double dose of Sweet Romance Book Bargains. We are beyond excited to share with you a captivating Colonial American Historical Romance, as well as a fantastic deal that includes books 1-3 of a hilarious and heartwarming Rom Com series. As you continue reading, click on the links provided to take advantage of the fantastic deals available for a mere $.99 cents. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can access these offers completely free by clicking on the links today.

Enjoy your day!

Lisa Loucks-Christenson
Sweet Romance Book Bargains


AD 1

A Love Story on Conroy Island Kindle Edition

Clean & Wholesome, Colonial American Historical Romance. No swearing or intimate scenes. PG-Rated Romance.

As the head of his family's shipping business, Colin Conroy has wealth, power, and prestige. He has no interest in love since betrayal broke his heart. Now a recluse, he is painfully aware that the day he must marry to sustain his family's legacy is fast approaching.

When penniless beauty Sara Stone is struck from her cart while making a delivery to Conroy Manor, Colin insists on taking care of her. Sara isn't used to anyone—least of all a man—showing her kindness. Worried that she has become indebted to the most powerful man on the Island, she eagerly agrees to help Colin choose a suitable bride for a marriage of convenience.

But as the weeks pass and the pair become close, sharing their broken hearts and broken pieces with one another, Colin begins to wish it was her name on the list. Sara doesn't realize he has fallen for her and is already longing for the matchmaker to become his bride. But he gave his heart to someone before. Is he willing to risk it again before she disappears from his life for good?


B Burton

About the author

B Burton is the clean and wholesome alter ego of Brooke Burton, medium spice author. For more information check out


Ad 2

All's fair in love and this little town shows us in each book of the series!

Welcome to Sweetkiss Creek, where love floats in the air, best friends give the BEST advice, and the dogs get involved waaaay more than they should!

These books contain a variety tropes like friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, second chances, grumpy sunshine, forced proximity, secret identity, movie star romance, and more––and they come with a tight circle of best friends who are there to support each other along the way, through thick and thin.

These books are closed door, like all of my books.

This collection contains books 1-3 of the series:

The Art of Falling in Love with Your Best Friend:

All’s fair in love and war…until you set up the man you love with another woman.
The realization that you’ve fallen for your best friend is, for me, pretty scary.

It’s not that Reid is all the way in the stratosphere out of my league, it’s more like I want to get it together so I’m not the one who feels so inadequate.

But when I take ten steps forward, I’m shoved twenty steps back and left wondering if we’d be a good match in the end. And I want the best for my friend…even if that means it’s not me.

Yet the thought of him with anyone else makes me crazy and I want to run screaming into the Blue Ridge Mountains. The thing is, if I don’t get over myself I’m probably going to not only lose my best friend, but my chance at true love…

The Art of Falling in Love with Your Enemy

All’s fair in love and war…until the man you love to hate throws you in jail.

Etta: Moving to Sweetkiss Creek was supposed to bring me closer to family and offer a fresh start. Instead, it feels like everything is spiraling out of control. First, there's my mischievous dog who has a knack for escaping and ending up at the police station. Then there's my ex, who has found away to give me a headache even from miles away. But the cherry on top of this chaotic sundae is Zac Wright, the infuriatingly charming man who also happens to be my nemesis.

Zac: From the moment I laid eyes on Etta McCoy, I knew she was something special. She's drop-dead gorgeous, but her grumpy attitude could use a makeover. When my boss assigns me to organize a team bonding retreat, I’m unexpectedly partnered with Etta…and the more time we spend together, the more I realize her tough exterior is merely a candy-coated shell, and I want to be the one who cracks through and discovers the sweetness inside.

The Art of Falling in Love with the Movie Star (again):
All’s fair in love and war…until you’re forced into an RV with your ex.

Amelia: I had it all; a loving marriage, an adorable dog, and plans to build the home of our dreams in idyllic Sweetkiss Creek. Moving here meant we focused on us, and starting a family, but those dreams came crashing down when Spencer made the choice to go back to Hollywood and left me flying solo.

Christmas snowflakes fall, fate jingles its bells and my estranged movie star husband returns for the reading of my late aunt's will. But it's not just legal matters and tinsel-covered nerves that he brings; oh no, this man is on a mission—to unwrap the gift of a second chance with me.

Spencer: On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Divorce papers. Now, I'm on a yuletide quest to win back my leading lady. You know, sugar plums, mistletoe and all the festive feels dancing in my head like an over-the-top rom-com montage.

Comical to think that an RV we inherit could become the sleigh to propel us back together, with a sprinkle of redemption and a dash of eggnog-induced chaos, of course. Could this be the holiday miracle I’m hoping for?


Anne Kemp

About Author

Anne Kemp is a bestselling author of romantic comedies. She loves reading (and she does it ridiculously fast, too!), gluten-free baking (because everyone needs a hobby that makes them crazy), and finding time to binge-watch her favorite shows. She grew up in Maryland but made Los Angeles her home until she encountered her own real-life meet-cute at a friend's wedding where she ended up married to one of the groomsmen. For real.

Anne now lives on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand, and even though she was married at Mt. Doom, no…she doesn’t have a Hobbit. However, she and her husband do have a terrier named George Clooney and when she’s not writing, she’s usually with them taking a long walk on the river by their home.

You can find Anne on her website - come say hi! She’d love to hear from you:

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest: @missannekemp

On TikTok: @annekempauthor


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