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Peacock Books & Wildlife Art News — Peacock Books new location.

Peacock Books & Wildlife Art Has Moved into the Historical 1876 Odd Fellows Building Ballroom

Courtly Cottontails Exhibit by Lisa Loucks-Christenson Lisa Loucks-Christenson Exhibits 2024 Peacock Books new location. Square Eye Temple of Eagles Exhibit by Lisa Loucks-Christenson This is How I Say Goodbye

Peacock Books & Wildlife Art Has Moved into the Historical 1876 Odd Fellows Building Ballroom

December 04, 2023:

Peacock Books & Wildlife Art Has Moved into the Historical 1876 Odd Fellows Building Ballroom, enter off the skyway that enters the Galleria Mall. We’re next to Newts.

We’re moved in, but we’re still organizing our space. During the next few weeks we’ll be adding our over 20K more books, Lisa’s publishing house and imprints books sold exclusively in our store, except about three or four of Lisa’s ebooks she sells on Amazon. Peacock Books & Wildlife Art will sell around 100 of these titles (Lisa’s publishing house has around 400 original books in her catalog). 

These exclusive books are sold through Peacock Books & Wildlife Art, They include photo art books, print and ebook formats; around 28 can be made into personalized books. The rest are wildlife, history, cookbooks, and more. 

Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s Exhibits for 2024


All of Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s merchandise, art, art cards, photos, comic art, films, animations, books and almost all of her ebooks are sold exclusively at her networked stores and at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art.


Temple of Eagles: (rotating images from Lisa’s bald eagle documentary she filmed from 2005 to 2020). Lisa shot over 2 million images on the rare behavior of one pair’s entire life cycle, their first eaglet to their last. Lisa’s Bald Eagle Documentary has been featured at the National Eagle Center, on Ron Schara’s Minnesota Bound, on outdoor radio news, regional television news, magazines, newspapers, and exhibited at her galleries in two states.


Don’t Eat Bees!: with a sneak peek at the following books (Heaven Can Rest!, Heavens’ Hives Heist! Lisa Loucks-Christenson is the original author and illustrator of the Don’t Eat Bees! series, books, ebooks, comic, and upcoming animation. In 2020, Lisa won two Royal Dragonfly Awards SM for her work, as an author she placed in Picture Books 6 and up, and in Illustrations, she placed (as the only USA illustrator) second, for Best Illustrations in her ebook.


Valentine’s Adventures: Lisa’s original seven stories and illustrations. Lisa painted the over 220 illustrations using watercolors. All of Lisa’s art from this series sold out at her previous store. New art is in the works, along with merchandise, art books for collectors of her prints.


The Adventures of Valley & Allie: Tending Monarchs:

Lisa Loucks-Christenson's original story and illustrations featuring her beloved Chihuahua, Valentine, and Allie, Lisa's wild starling that she rescued, ironically, at the building she's now renting. Allie is a year and half now. She comes on command, knows herbedtime routine, waking routines. Valley really is her best friend but she knows every pet and family member and she mimics their voices (which, other than my African Grey, Leo, I never knew was possible that a bird did this). Allie clearly speaks, in multiple family members voices, around 30-phrases, whistles, and songs and words. Allie imprinted on Lisa as a three-week-old baby and can’t be released into the wild.


Their Monarch book is illustrated using colored pencils. This line of books teaches others about our environment, bringing awareness to animals (or in this case Lepidoptera) that need help. The art is expected to sell out quickly.


Courtly Cottontails™ is a syndicated comic by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, who is the original creator of the story and illustrations. All the art has sold out this past year. New work will be sold in the next year.


Square Eye: 50-Years of Rochester, Minnesota History Shot and Illustrated by Rochester Native, Lisa Loucks-Christenson. The historical archive includes Lisa’s original photos and illustrations she created and shot over the past 50-years, documenting her hometown, Rochester, Minnesota.

There is no other book like hers on the market. There are wonderful history books, by many incredible authors and most of them are for sale at Peacock Books, and Lisa’s held multiple book signings and radio shows with these talented authors.


Lisa’s book is solely her own photographs, illustrations and interviews. Her book includes some of her press coverage, building demolitions, law enforcement, crimes, wildlife, interviews with people from Rochester and more. 

Pre-order now if you are interested in her book, no payment is collected until the day of purchase. Further details will be posted in the near future with the price and release date. This book will be sold exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art and Lisa’s Networked stores.

No ebook is planned at this time. Loose prints can be purchased for personal viewing (but not for scanning or reselling Lisa’s work, which would violate copyright laws). A film is planned featuring the art and photos and will be narrated and presented by Lisa Loucks-Christenson.  At this time, the film will be shown exclusively at Peacock Books Ballroom store, but that is subject to change.

This book, is one of Lisa’s longest running books, superseded only by one book (also in progress), “This is How I Say Goodbye,” that covers her family life, all the people, pets and stories over her lifetime, which, to date, is close to 55-years of her saved and archived lifetime work and creations.

It’s almost time to release these two historical archives that span a half century of time in their creators’ life. These two books as Lisa’s gift back to the community she grew up in, struggled through the hardest of times in, survived sepses, fought her battles and challenges, had her life saved a few times by Mayo Clinic through her health struggles, followed by her husband’s cancer, move after move as historical buildings she rented were sold and demolished, or leases expired, or she moved due to black mold issues, illegal entries, and worse. 

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