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Peacock Books & Wildlife Art News — Original Story and Illustrations by LIsa Loucks-Christenson

January 20, 2024: The Newest Buzz on Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Don't Eat Bees™ Series

Don't Eat Bees! Original Story and Illustrations by LIsa Loucks-Christenson

January 20, 2024: The Newest Buzz on Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Don't Eat Bees™ Series

Don’t Eat Bees! Among the many entries, the book truly distinguished itself and garnered two notable accolades in the year 2020. It received an Honorable Mention in the esteemed worldwide Royal Dragonfly Book Awards for the category of Children’s Picture Books Ages 6 & Up (ebook). The judges selected it as the 2nd Place Winner in the Best Illustrations category (ebook) after reviewing many highly competitive submissions.

Renowned for her remarkable abilities as both an author and illustrator, Lisa Loucks-Christenson showcases her creative prowess in the original story and illustrations, all of which were skillfully produced using pastels.

As the number one best-selling author and two-time award-winning illustrator of a beloved series, Loucks-Christenson confidently claims, “No words spread faster than bees on the wing.”

Her expertise and success in the literary world make her opinion on this matter highly credible. Lisa’s customers passionately spread the word, creating a buzz of excitement within the global bee community. The act of "telling the bees" extends beyond just informing the bees themselves; it includes informing people they know as well. They are enthusiastically recommending Lisa's books and, if anyone is in Rochester, Minnesota, they are encouraging a visit to Peacock Books & Wildlife Art, where an enchanting celebration centered on the collaboration between dogs and bees is taking place. Immerse yourself in the upcoming events where you will witness and appreciate not only one, but three extraordinary books and exhibits that pay homage to the deep and meaningful bond that exists between humans and bees.


Don’t Eat Bees! Commercial #1:



Publisher: Bow Wow Detectives™ and Childhood and Lifetime Books™.

Story Antics® Line of Story Antics Personalized Books™ co-publishes the personalized books.

Original Story and Illustrations, written and illustrated in pastels by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Ebook Release: 12/23/2019


Purchase Ebook at Amazon or in store for $6.99®-Childhood-Lifetime-BooksTM-ebook/dp/B082ZWL1S6/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3AYOE2AYPHRSZ&keywords=don%27t+eat+bees+loucks&qid=1636047996&qsid=132-5779277-1404452&s=digital-text&sprefix=don%27t+eat+bees+louck%2Cdigital-text%2C108&sr=1-1&sres=B082ZWL1S6&srpt=ABIS_BOOK

Don’t Eat Bees! The Don’t Eat Bees™ series kicks off with Book 1, where readers will get to know Dale, a German Shepherd who just can’t resist eating bees.


Dale hits pay dirt when he unwittingly snatches up a tasty queen bee. Later, under the guidance of the queen bee’s sister, Dale receives an irresistible offer - a deal that promises him both a lifetime and eternal life of unimaginable riches and rewards, on the condition that he ceases his pursuit of the local bees and refrains from raiding their hive. But can the impulsive dog truly give up his bee-chasing and bee-eating tendencies and fully embrace his divine reward…for all eternity?


Discover the captivating story of Don’t Eat Bees! written and illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson.

With its 21 exquisite pastel illustrations, the tribute book dedicated to her cherished dog, Dale, has gained worldwide acclaim. This remarkable story delves into the profound themes of friendship, sacrifice, and the diverse rewards that await a dog, both in this world and beyond, leaving readers touched and inspired.

The authors' German Shepherd, Dale, serves as the inspiration for the story. Throughout his entire lifetime, Dale gained a reputation for his unyielding appetite for bees, which he would consume without hesitation whenever the opportunity arose. Despite the many attempts, Dale, the German Shepherd, remained unscathed and never experienced a single sting.

Besides being the star of this book, Dale and his sister, Dani, had received specialized training to support Lisa in her outdoor field work. During their lives, they were essential in providing security for her while on her wildlife documentaries, and both served as loyal, trusted companions and guardians for her family members and pets alike.



Loose, matted, and framed art; art cards, merchandise, Photo Traders™ are sold exclusively through Peacock Books & Wildlife Art. Each book has its own exhibit.



Watch for the highly expected sequel, Heaven Can Rest, as it promises to be the thrilling next chapter in the beloved Don’t Eat Bees™ series.


In this second installment, the stakes are higher, and the laughs are bigger. Dale and his loyal bee companion, Ibby, join forces and embark on an extraordinary and captivating journey filled with shared experiences that set in motion a chain of events that will forever change their lives. This experience will leave you questioning whether heaven itself can find rest.

Publisher: Bow Wow Detectives and Childhood and Lifetime Learning

Story Antics® Line of Story Antics Personalized Books™ co-publishes the personalized books.

Original Story and Illustrations, written and illustrated in pastels by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

The highly anticipated arrival of Heavenly Hives Heist can be expected by fans once the second book releases, the third installment in this beloved series that has gained worldwide popularity.



Story Antics® Line of Story Antics Personalized Books™ co-publishes the personalized books.

Original Story and Illustrations, written and illustrated in pastels by Lisa Loucks-Christenson.

At the Pearly Gates, Dale seizes the opportunity to justify his previous misbehavior by presenting a compelling case that his actions were driven by genuine good intentions and the values instilled in him during his mortal life. His overarching aim was to ensure the safety and security of his loved ones, including his eternal residence in the everlasting kingdom. However, the question remains whether Bee Heaven will permit Dale to return.

Discover the captivating tale of Heavenly Hives Heist, a unique narrative brought to life by Lisa Loucks-Christenson's original story and stunning illustrations.



Photo: © 2023-2024 Lisa Loucks-Christenson All Rights Reserved

In her comics, Lisa Loucks-Christenson introduces readers to a cast of original characters she has created. Don’t Eat Bees!With its lovable characters Dale and Ibby the Bee, this book has achieved the remarkable feat of being both double award-winning and number one best-selling. The top left corner prominently showcases Dale and Ibby, accompanied by her headshot, as they are close to their creators’ thoughts. Dale and Ibby the Bee, who have their own comic, frequently make special cameo appearances in the comics of Lisa, such as the one shown above, which adds a delightful element of surprise and familiarity.


Fans of the Don't Eat Bees™ series will be delighted to discover another captivating series penned by the talented Lisa Loucks-Christenson. Prepare to be enchanted by the heartwarming tale of Valentine, a spirited Chihuahua, as she navigates through a series of captivating adventures in her colorful world, showcasing a different escapade each day for an entire week.

Alongside Valentine, Lisa's friends and family make cameo appearances, with a including a flightless bird that Lisa had rescued right before narrowly avoiding being hit by a car.

Leaving her bookstore on a hot summer July night in 2022, Lisa noticed a bird as she wandered onto the busiest street in the city, right by the world famous Mayo Clinic—a bird that couldn’t fly who seemed to arrive with a divine purpose. Or so it seems, because Lisa's mind quickly wove the bird into another children's book adventure, where the illustrations effortlessly came to life on paper.

The purpose of the fallen birds' arrival was to spread laughter among the people. A flightless bird, parred with a Chihuahua that lost her sister, quickly became best-selling art pieces to Lisa’s customers’ customers. The incredible popularity of Allie and Valley, the inseparable bird and dog duo, led to the creation of a special series dedicated solely to their escapades.

Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary story of Allie Birdie, a starling who formed an unbreakable connection with Lisa and surpassed all obstacles. Allie's resilience and unique story, despite the injuries she suffered from an unknown fall, have served as the inspiration for the creation of an extraordinary series known as The Adventures of Valentine and Allie. This series serves the purpose of not just highlighting the significance of environmental awareness, but also shedding light on critical wildlife concerns.

The title of the second volume in the series is Tending Monarchs. Currently, the decision to withhold the first volume is by the authors’ choice. The first book is a compilation of Valentines and Allies' initial escapades. Unlike other stories that prioritize environmental issues or wildlife concerns, this book places great emphasis on the friendship that blossoms between domestic and wild creatures. These animals do not view themselves as distinct entities, and as they undertake their shared journey, their connection deepens.


Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s Tea Party Wednesday! The book had been a constant presence in her mind for months, sparking her creativity. While Lisa enthusiastically started working on the children's book, envisioning a delightful tea party narrative featuring Chihuahua sisters, an unfortunate event unfolded when Lisa's real-life Chihuahua, Ruthie Buttons, Valentine's sibling, sadly passed away amidst the challenging times of the pandemic. The storyline of the book took a dramatic turn because of this unexpected loss, causing a profound shift in the overall plot and storyline.

It turned into a book that delves into Valentine's struggle to navigate life after her sister's passing, leaving readers to contemplate whether true solitude exists following a death. Psychologists visiting Lisa's bookstore helped to convince her to publish this endearing tale. The psychologists believed that there was a lack of similar books in the market. The first buyers were two families who had experienced suicide, purchasing gifts for their grandchildren who had lost loved ones. Others who had lost pets also found solace in the purchase. It became apparent that Ruthie Buttons' legacy was to offer hope and inspiration through her death. Lisa Loucks-Christenson's books are a testament to her unwavering devotion to her pets, her reverence for the natural world, and her deep appreciation for the role of family.


Illustration: © 2021-2024 Lisa Loucks-Christenson. All Rights Reserved. 
Blustery Tuesday! Book 1, VALENTINE’S ADVENTURES, watercolor illustration and book cover by Lisa Loucks-Christenson.


Illustration: © 2020-2024 Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s watercolor illustration for her Shipwreck Sunday! book.


The Valentine’s Adventures artwork by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, which features first-run loose and framed giclee art prints of her original watercolor illustrations and art cards, has become incredibly popular with customers all around the world. Peacock Books & Wildlife Art is the exclusive retailer for all of Lisa's tangible work. Currently, there is a high demand for the Valentine's Adventures art, as it has sold out. However, there is good news as a second print run of the art, along with the art books, will be available in 2024.


© 2021 Illustration for Museum Monday book by Lisa Loucks-Christenson. The photo is cropped and doesn't show al of the two page spread.

Valentine's Adventures, was previously exhibited at: In 2020 at Silver Lake Books - Broadway, In 2021 at Silver Lake Book Warehouse, and Peacock Books & Wildlife Art at the 2021-2022 at the Kahler Grand Hotel. 2024 - Peacock Books & Wildlife Art in the Odd Fellow Building.



Lisa Loucks-Christenson Films and Carpie Animation Studios™ have partnered together to produce an exciting animation project.

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