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Peacock Books & Wildlife Art News — 2024 Med City Marathon

Race You To The End . . . 2024 Med City Marathon Runners Race To Cross Their Lines

2024 Med City Marathon Lisa Loucks-Christenson Publisher Race You To The End . . . 2024 Med City Marathon Runners Race To Cross Their Lines Rochester Sun Times News

Race You To The End . . . 2024 Med City Marathon Runners Race To Cross Their Lines


Top Photo: Med City Marathon runner, Dane Loucks crossing the finish line.

Bottom Photo: 23-year-old Dane Loucks smiles after finishing the race. 

Photos: ©️ 2024  Brian Loucks

Published May 19, 2024 at 21:22 CDT


Race You To The End . . . 2024 Med City Marathon Runners Race To Cross Their Lines

By Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Rochester, Minnesota (Rochester Sun Times News) –– Downtown Rochester, Minnesota served as the venue for the 2024 Med City Marathon presented by ActivePT Sports and Physical Therapy, which took place on May 18-19, 2024. Among the individuals registered for Sunday’s event is 23-year-old Dane Loucks. 

The annual Med City Marathon presented by ActivePT and Sports Physical Therapy saw runners facing cooler weather today as they ran through the streets of downtown Rochester, Minnesota.

More information about the Med City Marathon is on their website:

To learn more about ActivePT and Sports Physical Therapy, visit this link:

For marathon results you can visit:

Marathon Results:

For questions about the marathon the email they have posted is:




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