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Sweet Romance Book Bargains


Welcome to Sweet Books and Sweet Romance Book Bargains!


Sweet Romance Books Bargains provides an online platform and a newsletter to promote book and author news, interviews, upcoming releases, and clean, sweet fiction or nonfiction.

Authors and Publishers: You can promote any of your books or series that fit into one of our categories:  sweet, clean, wholesome, Christian or any combination. See links below.

Price: The cost to put your ad on our site is $5 dollars (USD) per listing, whether you are promoting a single title or a book series, we provide one link to your url.

What You Get: Your paid listing will be listed on our Book Bargains Link:, and on our social media accounts: InstagramFacebook, and X.

Does My Book Have to Be Free? We list books that are bargain priced on Book Bargains page. If you're promoting a book that is retail price or an out-of-print price, we'll list you on your own web page with that information and on our social media.

How Can I See Other Pages? You can search author names, visit our social media, and look at previous posts to see what we shared. Keep in mind the sales or promotions you view (after the day of promotion) are historical, not current, so links and deals may be expired or not available.

Newsletters: We offer a private newsletter for authors and a larger newsletter for book readers. Sign up for either newsletter to get the deals direct to your inbox. Our author newsletter is by invite only. Email us to inquire.

We understand the interpretation of the terms "Sweet," "Clean," and "Wholesome" will vary from one reader to the next. During the booking process we ask authors a series of questions about the language, kissing, and sexual encounters that may happen in the book. This aids in filtering out books that may be spicier than we intend to promote. To see the questions we ask, hover over the boxes below.


Does the book contain curse words?
No Cursing.

Mild Language.
(A few mild curse words)

Moderate Language.
(A few strong curse words)

Boxed Set: Various levels, Not to exceed "Moderate Language"


Does the book contain kissing?

Chaste Kisses

Mild Kisses
(some non-explicit details)

Moderate Kisses
(many non-explicit details)

Boxed Set: Various levels, Not to exceed "Moderate Kisses".

Sexual Encounters

Does the book contain sexual encounters?
No mention of sexual encounters.

Closed Door Encounters.
(Off Page: Non-Detailed)

Open Door Encounters.
(On Page: Details must be Non-Explicit)

Boxed Set: Various levels,
(Details must be Non-Explicit)

Relationship Status

*If* the book contain sexual encounters, what is the relationship status of the couple?

In a new relationship.

In a long-term relationship.

Married Couple.

Please Note: Our use of the terms "Sweet," "Clean," and "Wholesome" is not to insinuate that "Steamy/Spicy" romance novels are somehow bad or inferior. Compare it to queso, it's available without heat, with some heat, and even so hot it makes you sweat. There will never be any judgement here. Prefer a little more heat than we offer? No problem, we have a page dedicated to our sister sites. They have a wide variety of genres and heat levels...all at bargain prices!

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