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Back From Extinction, Book 7, Inktober Collection, Hallowink Hollow™ Series

Hallowink Hollow™ is a legal trademark of Lisa Loucks-Christenson Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Hallowink Hollow Original books and characters



Back From Extinction, Book 7 (2023 Inktober Series)

© 2023 Lisa Loucks-Christenson ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
"Back From Extinction," Book 7, Inktober Collection, Hallowink Hollow™ Series

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Ebook, book, loose art, art cards

An original book series and books written and illustrated by bestselling and award-winning, syndicated author, comic artist, illustrator, and photographer Lisa Loucks-Christenson.


 Hallowink Hollow™ series books:

Rescue Me
Bestseller: Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Hallowink Hollow
The Hallowink Hallow Characters are original characters created by and owned by Lisa Loucks-Christenson.

1. Hallowink Hollow Halloween Party - 2017 Inktober

2. Halloween Cryptid Blizzard - 2018 Inktober

3. The Hallowink's in Rescue Me - 2019 Inktober

4. The Hallowink's in the Haunted Carnival - 2020 Inktober

5. The Hallowink's in Escape from the Haunted Carnival - 2021 Inktober

6.  The Hallowink's in Lost in the Talking Corn  - 2022 Inktober

7.  The Hallowink's in Back From Extinction - 2023 Inktober

8. The Hallowink's in Our First Thanksgiving - 2022 SE-1

9. The Hallowink's in Our First Christmas - 2022 SE-2 

10. The Hallowink's in All The Trimmings - 2023 SE-3


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