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I keep a prayer list and pray over all my customers. I, specifically, pray for you and your loved ones if you ask. Most of you have my cell phone number and text it often. I'm so happy to see God working in your lives. If you need prayers, just use the contact form below. If you want public prayers, I will list your prayer request with your initials or first name only, and if you want, city/state/country.

God loves you!  And if I'm the only person to say this today: I love you and know God can use you no matter where you are today, how much or however little time you may have left in this world . . . use your story and bless others. --Lisa

"Y todo va a estar bien"

In my free time, I run a small Christian Radio Station online, Hope River Radio.

 I interview celebrities, entertainers, artists, people with stories that share their faith. If you want to be considered as a guest on my Hope River Radio Show, let me know. (844) 722-2908 toll free



Guests: Charlie Daniels, Pam Tillis, Moot Davis, Pete Anderson, Porter Wagoner, Foghat, Aaron Neville, Aaron Tippin, Dick and Dee Dee, Tom Wilson (Ziggy), Veggie Tales, more. 


PRAYERS: For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love to serve one another." Galations 5:13 (KJV)

We pray over all of our customers and their loved ones and friends. I don't 

Please pray for these people who are here alone, with family members, or their spouses, some are friends who brought them here. All of these people are seeking prayers, answers and remain hopeful God will answer them.

10/28/2022: Craig from Arkansas, a full recovery

10/28/2022: Customers dad, Rob had a double lung transplant

10/28/2022: Prayers for full recovery for Susmita, Washington, D.C.

10/27/2022: Carrie, sepsis

10/20/2022: Tom

10/20/2022: Wesley, healing. Had emergency surgery. Needs healing.

10/20/2022: Rosie, Alaska. That she can heal and handle IV cancer treatment

10/19/2022: John

10/19/2022: Greg and Karla. Greg has brain cancer. Healing

10/18/2022: Randy. Prostate cancer. Pray for his wife Sandy too, please.

10/17/2022: Nancy, surgery

10/15/2022: Best birthday ever for Gail

10/13/2022: Larry re-occurance of colon cancer, and pray for his wife, Maggie.

" But I have trusted in they mercy, my hear shall rejoice in thy salvation."
Psalms 13:5 (KJV)

10/10/2022: Emily and her daughter. Emily has bone cancer. Please pray for her.

10/5/2022: Paul and Wanda. Surgery and healing for Paul. 

10/4/2022: Shiela. Needs healing.


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