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     "Most days I wear camouflage to work. That's what I used to say. Now, years later, I showcase my experiences through books and art, a personal ministry of observing God's smallest creatures to His most ravenous beasts, a witness to injustices, to people in need of prayer and their own miracles. Willingly, I stand at a checkered counter, with my mistakes as well as others engrained in the wood, under a well-traveled Tiffany lamp that isn't real, but spreads light through the wings of dragonflies, it's journey. Now I wear the camouflage of my youth on my heart; I observe silently, listen, and pray for miracles for all of us."––Lisa Loucks-Christenson/Wildlife Photographer Illustrator,  Author and Host of Lisa's Walk The Talk Show . . . Are you my next featured guest?

Peacock Books & Wildlife Art by Lisa Loucks-Christenson 


Lisa Loucks-Christenson shares her personal ministry with her worldwide customers. She's an outdoor photographer and writer who has dedicated her life to documenting, filming, painting, and creating wildlife art and original stories that share God's kingdom. Her work has been featured in major publishers' books, magazines, aired on outdoor radio and television. One of of her most beloved documentaries is the LISA'S BALD EAGLE DOCUMENTARY which documents the lives of bald eagles she observed in their natural habitat for over 14 years. 


When not recording documentaries or researching wild animals Lisa spends time writing and illustrating children's, middle grade, and young adult books about real and imagined life animal adventures as well as Christian environmental, supernatural suspense stories for adults. She writes and illustrations her original stories that have won many international awards and multiple bestseller status recognition from around the world.


Lisa keeps a prayer book at Peacock Books register where customers can go to seek prayer. Lisa prays over all of her customers, daily and has been witness to miracles so many, she's created an As-told-to book, ANGELS, SHE WROTE (CoyWolf Entertainment, June 2023), collected from her recorded interviews and stories of family, friends and customers recorded with her from 2003 to 2022. The last interviews coming from a customer in stage 5 kidney failure, and her sister's story, who is studying to be a doctor, each who has a message to share with the world. 


Overall Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s ministry involves writing and illustrating books and art with inspiring messages while offering prayers when needed – all through God's kingdom.


Here are some of Lisa's books:









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