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Audrey Clementine

Audrey Clementine


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The Misty Milton Mysteries
The Misty Milton Mysteries (4 book series)
Kindle Edition
From Book 1:

** Finalist in the Indie Cozy Mystery Tribe Book of the Year Awards **

Who thought Doofus and Floofus would be the best cat detectives in Quinn?

Starting over in a sleepy small town would never be easy, but Misty Milton’s gourmet cat food delivery business soon made her a hit with the locals.

Well, most of them…

Until her cats help a teenage couple uncover a curiously preserved 50-year-old corpse while hunting for fabled pirate treasure.

That’s when a tale of unrequited love, blackmail and murder rapidly unravels.

And if that wasn’t tricky enough, her bully of a husband has tracked her across five states, determined to drag her back to Kansas…

Can Misty and her feline sidekicks solve this decades old mystery before another murder shakes the community?


The Curious Corpse in the Cavern is Book #1 in the Misty Milton Mysteries.

If you like adventurous animal cozy mysteries about an amiable amateur sleuth and her clever cat sidekicks, then you’ll love Audrey Clementine’s first page turner of a tale.

Buy The Curious Corpse in the Cavern and snuggle up with Misty’s clue finding cats today!

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