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Introducing VALLEY AND ALLIE, New Picture Book Series Ages 3 and Older By Bestselling and Award-winning author and illustrator Lisa Loucks-Christenson

by Lisa Loucks-Christenson |

This past week, Lisa completed in her seven book series, VALENTINE’S ADVENTURES. The books are getting released as art books first, and they will begin releasing next month. The picture books (art and text) will release in 2023. During the past year, Lisa illustrated over 224 illustrations for this series alone. Each book has at least  32 original illustrations. Her medium is primarily watercolor, some have ink or pencil.  

Allie the Starling is introduced in Book Seven. Many of Lisa’s customers already own the art pieces from many of these books, and the VALENTINE’S ADVENTURES Exhibit is on display at the store.

The real Allie appeared in Lisa’s life in June. Late at night, after a long day at work, Lisa rescued the flightless orphan that didn’t have a flight plan-but boy could she run. Lisa grabbed her before she lept into the traffic. Lisa tried to find its mom, the nest. She even left it to sit, but the bird kept trying to fly up the walls of the buildings and that area was getting a new parking lot the next morning. Unable to fend for itself, she took it home.

Once home, the starling befriended Lisa’s cat, dog, and rabbits. She has become, during this past four months, best friends with Valentine the Chihuahua. The real Valley and Allie sharing a breakfast together posed with their new series book cover painted by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, the author and illustrator of this new original book series.


The real Valley and Allie and their new series THE ADVENTURES OF VALLEY AND ALLIE

© 2022 Lisa Loucks-Christenson

 At this time, no ebook is planned due to the ongoing theft of Lisa’s work. Physical copies only. Art and books are sold with a non-commercial usage license.