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A Ceilidh on Conroy Island (The Conroy Island Series Book 1) Kindle Edition

A Ceilidh on Conroy Island Author B. Burton B. Burton Clean & Wholesome. No swearing or intimate scenes. PG-Rated Romance. The Conroy Island Series

A Ceilidh on Conroy Island (The Conroy Island Series Book 1) Kindle Edition


Clean & Wholesome. No swearing or intimate scenes. PG-Rated Romance.

Claire returns home to Conroy Island seeking a brief winter break from her big city life. Two years working hard on her nursing degree has left no time for romance...not that any man could meet the bar Grant Conroy unwittingly set in her heart. The closer she gets to her dreams, the farther she seems to get from home and the love she's always wanted.

Big city graphic designer Grant has returned to Conroy Island to help look after his sick mother. While nobody knows her prognosis, he knows it's only a matter of time before their private family pain becomes very public knowledge. He's looking for a break from his family drama, from living in Boston, and from the fact he can't find a woman who makes his heart race...aside from Claire.

When they both volunteer to help with the Conroy Alight project, Claire and Grant discover that their attraction for one another is still off the charts. They're only home for a week and as the days race by, it becomes harder and harder to imagine saying goodbye. Will Claire's studies on the mainland keep them from being together? Will Grant's family obligations rule out a happily ever after? Is this just a holiday romance, or are they teetering on the edge of something utterly incredible?


B Burton

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 Author B. Burton

B Burton is the clean and wholesome alter ego of Brooke Burton, medium spice author. For more information check out

Please be advised this novella is Book 1 in a trilogy, so it does not stand alone.

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