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2/29/2024 News: Deadly Dynasty by Lyssa Lund, A Maya Rodgers Mystery


February 29, 2024

Last Day of the Month Special!

Despite having a hectic schedule, I remain fully committed to dedicating my time and effort towards creating an exciting new chapter for the Misty Milton Mysteries series. Within the next installment, readers will be introduced to a captivating cat character who has earned his unique name because of his tendency to frequent unconventional and inappropriate settings. Let me introduce you to Roofuss, a fellow tomcat who is known for being both loveable and particular.
As I finish tidying up the manuscript, I wanted to bring an author to your attention. They are someone I have been following closely, and I thought it would be worth mentioning their ongoing book promotion that I believe could interest you.

Deadly Dynasty
by Lyssa Lund
A Maya Rodgers Mystery

Swaying Palms, Silent Screams: Maya's Dive into a Tropical Wedding Nightmare


As an investigative reporting intern, Maya Rodgers is no stranger to danger, but she never expected to find herself embroiled in a murder mystery. When she's invited to an all-expenses-paid destination wedding of her former college roommate, Maya jumps at the chance for a little R&R. But her dream vacation quickly turns into a nightmare when she discovers her dear friend dead in her bed the morning before the wedding.
As Maya delves deeper into the case, she uncovers a web of secrets and lies surrounding the wealthy family her friend was about to marry into. To make matters worse, she's conveniently framed for the murder and finds herself on the run from the FBI, CIA, or some other mysterious agency. With her life and freedom on the line, Maya must use all her skills as an amateur sleuth to clear her name and uncover the real killer. But in a game of cat and mouse where the stakes are this high, can Maya trust anyone? Will she survive long enough to break the story of a lifetime and make her career, or will it cost her everything?

Scene Snippet:
As the water cascaded down, a sudden realization hit her. Her room was quiet. No more sounds were coming from the television. Straining to listen past the deepening thump of her heart, Maya called out.
"Hello? Is someone here?" Her inquiry met with dead silence. Deciding to cut the shower short, she stepped out onto the mat. The steam bellowed into the room as she flung open the door. One thing Maya did not do, was forget. Anything. With absolute conviction, Maya remembered the TV was on. She scoured the steamy room and realized something was on the desk that hadn't been there before. Reaching for the envelope, she inspected it. Taking the note off the front of the package, she read, "He's not who you think he is." She opened the flap and slid the contents into her hands.
Behind her, the door she was positive she diligently closed and locked slammed shut, confirming she had not been alone.

Link to my Bookfunnel landing page:

Scene snippet:
It was the beginning of summer when the man made the call. He had known about the existence of the book for more than 20 years now. It was believed that the manuscript was destroyed by a fire, but he knew better than to trust in this statement…
…he knew it would just be a matter of time until he would have the book in his possession and be able to fulfill his destiny.

So when he dialed the number, he didn’t need to say too much to his interlocutor.
“It is time for you to pay your debt. You have until September.”


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