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Stephanie J. Scott

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August 14, 2023: Sweet Romance Bargain Books==========

Today we're promoting BIG WIlD SUMMER, Book Three, Love on Summer Break Series by Stephanie J. Scott.
You can pick up the Kindle Edition at Amazon for only $.99 cents. We've added the links for the first two books in the series below.
Take a look at this great series of books by Stephanie J. Scott. Once you are on Amazon they have a link for the entire four-book set, or you can buy the books individually.
All Last Summer (Love on Summer Break Book 1)



Sunset Summer: A Sweet YA Romance (Love on Summer Break Book 2) Kindle Edition

We'll be back with another book announcement on the 16th of August!

Happy Reading!

Sweet Romance Book Bargains


Big Wild Summer: A Sweet YA Romance (Love on Summer Break Book 3) Kindle Edition by Stephanie J. Scott. Pick up your copy for only $.99 Cents Today!

Sometimes summer is one wild ride.

I’d set my heart and summer plans on working my dream job at Midwest Wild Adventure theme park with my friend Chelsea and my long-time crush KJ Keene. Only a day-one prank results in total humiliation, punchline: Me.

Worse, Chelsea and KJ are in on the prank.

Not only that, but after my big, loud mouth gets me in trouble with my new boss, I’m sent to work at the "loser" side of the park.

My new coworkers, the Midwest Midfits, offer a chilly welcome to their desolate go kart zone. Especially Jonah, the big scary dude who won't talk to anyone. He's the "beast" park employees fear because of his part in some mysterious ride malfunction that injured a kid last summer.

I can’t quit my job since I need to prove to Mom and my stepdad that I can follow through on something. Plus, I’m not ready to give up on my summer with KJ. Only KJ might be keeping secrets about what happened last summer.

When the big boss issues a challenge to draw crowds to underused areas of the park, I round up our band of outcasts aiming to win the prize money. We can all use each other to get what we want.

It turns out, the Midfits aren’t so bad. Even Jonah, who seems more misunderstood than anything. Somehow, Jonah becomes a person I confide in, and the person I grow to trust most.

Get ready for a drama-filled summer featuring a cast of loveable misfits in this sweet young adult workplace romance.

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Stephanie J. Scott

About the Author

Stephanie J. Scott writes light-hearted, quirky romance and young adult. She enjoys dance fitness, everything cats, and has a slight obsession with Instagram. A Midwest girl at heart, she resides outside of Chicago with her tech-of-all-trades husband and fuzzy furbabies.

Instagram: @stephaniejaynebooks


Twitter: @stephjaynebooks
Instagram: @stephaniejaynebooks

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