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Hallowink Hollow Comics Sold Exclusives at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art

Back From Extinction, Book 7 (2023 Inktober Series)

© 2023 Lisa Loucks-Christenson ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
"Back From Extinction," Book 7, Inktober Collection, Hallowink Hollow™ Series

Sold Exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife Arrt

Ebook, book, loose art, art cards

An original book series and books written and illustrated by bestselling and award-winning, syndicated author, comic artist, illustrator, and photographer Lisa Loucks-Christenson.


 Hallowink Hollow™ series books:

Rescue Me
Add to this, Amazon backdating her book publication date on several books, when she holds the evidence that would be impossible, since the drawings were not even created by those dates. All of her drawings are time-stamped and dated, with photo proof. Lisa was told my KDP Amazon that she must have set the listing up ahead. Lisa hadn't. She has proof of their publish page, with that time stamp. Amazon has also been caught changing Lisa's books to non-fiction and literary categories (Amazon claims they would not do this, but Lisa has the publication date proof, proof of sales, and BISAC codes she published her books under, along with countless screen shots of her books listed in various bestseller categories, under graphic novels, and other fictional genres, proof of Amazon not paying royalties on sold copies, not sending payment on others claiming bank details were wrong (not true). 
Lisa's books, with the exception of a couple of books (another one that was stolen by Random House author and illustrator, plagiarizing Lisa's double award-winning and number one bestselling book, "Don't Eat Bees!" even though Lisa's brand Bow Wow Detectives® was a registered brand with Amazon, they allow their book, with duplicate content to exist, chose it as an editors pick, and have pushed Lisa's book off the main pages where it had been for a couple of years before the copycat book came along. 
There's more. They also stole over 10 images of Lisa's for a book Lisa licensed photos to their imprint. Those images were licensed for one-time use, North America, English, one format. Lisa's bought the book used in Spanish, English, bought one copy from China, has hardcover, library binding and paperback, has secured screenshots of an ebook, and was not paid for any of this usage. In this industry, we call it, willful infringement. There was a time I believed Random House was a world class publisher. Now I know, firsthand, by the intentional thefts, depriving my family while we went through near-death experiences of royalties due, while we had to live without as they filled their plates with my work, giving nothing but more thefts of my work. 

1. Hallowink Hollow Halloween Party - 2017 Inktober

2. Halloween Cryptid Blizzard - 2018 Inktober

3. The Hallowink's in Rescue Me - 2019 Inktober

4. The Hallowink's in the Haunted Carnival - 2020 Inktober

5. The Hallowink's in Escape from the Haunted Carnival - 2021 Inktober

6.  The Hallowink's in Lost in the Talking Corn  - 2022 Inktober

7.  The Hallowink's in Back From Extinction - 2023 Inktober

8. The Hallowink's in Our First Thanksgiving - 2022 SE-1

9. The Hallowink's in Our First Christmas - 2022 SE-2 

10. The Hallowink's in All The Trimmings - 2023 SE-3


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