From bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator of DON’T EAT BEES!, WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS, HAWK OF WA PU TA CREEK, MODEL MAKER, NARROW PATHS, CAROUSEL RIDERS, Lisa Loucks-Christenson writing as L.L. Christenson brings you DRIFTER’S RANCH. On the roads ahead, through every L.L. Christenson’s original story and illustration, you’ll meet the characters and animals that Drifter, the Border Collie, encounters. These are the stories of a wayward stray dog—one who appears to shoulder angels that, when it’s God’s Will, offer some heavenly direction. Drifter is courageous in all battles and he finds ways to overcome troubles and adversaries. He’s known to dig up the truth where it’s been all along, and give hope to the faint of heart. Drifter, the gentle giant, never leaves a story before imparting some “Drifter” wisdom. He always gives a piece of his soul and, often, inspiration to the ones who didn’t deserve his gifts at all. A Lisa Loucks-Christenson Original, distributed globally and exclusively through Peacock Books & Wildlife Art.
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Courtly Cottontails™ Syndicated Cartoon by Lisa Loucks-Chrsitenson Defends her against infringing Big 5 Publisher

    • Courtly Cottontails™ syndicated comic defends the rights of Lisa Loucks-Christenson from infringing Big 5 publisher
  • Syndicated Cartoon Courtly Cottontails™ by Lisa Loucks-Christenson defends her Don't Eat Bees! Book
    Syndicated Cartoon Courtly Cottontails™ by Lisa Loucks-Christenson defends her Don't Eat Bees! Book
    Don't Eat Bees! is Book One of Don't Eat Bees!™ branded series published by the Bow Wow Detectives®, we found a title named the same, and an inside illustration using arranged words like Lisa Loucks-Christenson's handwritten words, not in quotes, not cited, just taken and used.
    • Bow Wow Detectives®
    • Courtly Cottontails
    • Don't Eat Bees! #1 Best-selling book
    • Don't Eat Bees!™ brand
    • Infringement on Lisa's Don't Eat Bees! book
    • Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Comic
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