The Rockstar Revenge at the Reunion: A Small Town Cozy Animal Mystery (The Misty Milton Mysteries Book 4)

A secluded island paradise, a rock band reunion… and a bodycount?

After a 15 year break, it’s time for Hank’s band to get together again for a pre-wedding party.

Misty Milton thought the cozy private island hideaway was the perfect venue for her fiance’s rock band reunion.

But paradise turns to pandemonium when a tropical storm cuts off all power to the island and band members start turning up dead.

Misty’s perfect party plans never included solving murders.

And when Hank mysteriously goes missing, she has to use every ounce of sleuthing skills to solve the mystery.

Has he run off with a backup singer? Could he be another victim? Or could he be the murderer?

Trapped on the island, Misty needs the help of her clue-finding cats, Doofus and Floofus, more than ever before.

With more body count piling up, time is running out for Misty to discover just who is behind the rockstar revenge at the reunion, as she could be next on the killer’s list.

If you like fun cozy mysteries with an amiable amateur sleuth and her cute and clever cat sidekicks, then you’ll love Audrey Clementine’s fourth page-turner of a tale.

Buy The Rockstar Revenge at the Reunion and solve the mystery with Misty’s clue finding cats today!