Exhibit: Lisa Loucks-Christenson's VALENTINE'S ADVENTURES™  

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Lisa Loucks-Christenson Documentaries

Winter Bugs! (sold out in 2006)

Winter Bugs Exhibit (hit number one on pre-order on Amazon) currently on exhibit at Peacock Books, has been on exhibit at the National Eagle Center, White Wolf Creek, Silver Lake Books, featured or shown on Channel 6 KAAL, Channel 3 KIMT, NBC KTTC, Post-Bulletin, others. Photo Trading cards, art cards, and book for sale exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife. 

Blanding Turtles

Giant Canada Goose

Sandhill Cranes

Where Eaglets Sleep: The Floods of 2007

Walk The Burn: (hit number one on pre-order on Amazon, New Hot New Releases, number one in Natural Resource and Environmental Law; number one in Photo Essays, more). 

Ten Feet Under the Canary Grass 

Struggling for Existence: What Nature Shared

Urban wildlife, poaching, illegal trapping, animal behavior more. 


Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary (has been featured on Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound outdoor television, The Big Wild radio show (several years), Lisa's Walk The Talk Show (several mentions with her guests, including Charlie Daniels who named the eagles first triplets) and Lisa had named an eaglet after the country legend the next year and presented him with the portrait of "Daniels Charlie [all eagles were named started with the letter "D" from this nest, rather than eagle one, two, three); KBEAU, KTTC, KAAL, KIMT, Post-Bulletin, Plainview Times, exhibited at Lisa's galleries: White Wolf Creek, Lisa Loucks-Christenson Wildlife Art, Peacock Books & Wildlife Art, Silver Lake Books, Lisa's Books, the National Eagle Center, more.

Lisa shot over two million images during this documentary, over 1400 of raw wildlife film (not only eagles), and numerous journals, sketches, art prints. She licenses her work to other publishers, exhibits her art and sells art prints, cards. 99.9 percent of the images and films have never been released to the public.

  Year One, 2005, Daedee and Dancer: The Eagle Nest Coffee Bar & Cafe

  Year Two, 2006, Daedee and Dancer: Epiphany Season

  Year Three, 2007, Daedee and Dancer: Calling All Scribes 

  Year Four, 2008, Daedee and Dancer: Snow Falling on Eagles

   Year Four was available online, daily notes for a period of time, but not the conclusion. The first weeks and the fledging of the eaglets of 2008 aired on KTTC television news.

  Year Five, 2009, Daedee and Dancer: Gifts from our Eagles

  Year Six, 2010, Daedee and Dancer: Exodus

  Year Seven, 2011, Daedee and Dancer: Affinity for Infinity

  Year Eight, 2012,  Daedee and Dancer: I Flew Broken

  Year Nine, 2013, Daedee and Dancer:

  Year Ten, 2014, Daedee and Dancer: Legend of the Sun Dogs

  Year Eleven, 2015, Daedee and Dancer:

  Year Twelve, 2016, Daedee and Dancer:

  Year Thirteen, 2017: Daedee and Dancer: Ties that Bind

  Year Fourteen, 2018: Dancer and Daedee:  Nod to God

  Year Fifteen, 2019: Ode to Daedee and Dancer: . . .