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Redneck Woods - Serial Comic By Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Redneck Woods - Serial Comic By Lisa Loucks-Christenson


Redneck Woods Comic by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, published by CoyWolf Entertainment an imprint of Lisa's publishing house. The comic and is printed in Rochester Sun Times News. Loose and matted art, art cards, and merchandise, along with the upcoming release of the comic are all sold exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art. 


Greetings! I wish to formally introduce myself as Lisa Loucks-Christenson, the visionary  behind this groundbreaking environment and wildlife crimes serial comic that includes authentic exploits and adversities, and it has developed organically over the course of time.

 I have been working on this comic for over 14 years, and it has evolved into an ongoing saga. While my own experiences may have influenced certain elements of the series, it is crucial to understand that all the stories are purely fictional.


redneck woods comic an original environment and wildlife crimes comic

Photo: Logo for Redneck Woods, an original comic by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, set in the fictional town of Tubek, Minnesota. © 2022, 2024 Lisa Loucks-Christenson


Within the captivating backdrop of the Minnesota Blufflands, where majestic vistas and close-knit communities coexist, a determined sheriff and an intrepid investigative photojournalist cross paths. United by a common cause, they embark on a courageous journey to confront the notorious Rednecks, restore tranquility to the serene valley, and safeguard the vulnerable wildlife and pristine environment from the reckless inhabitants who shamelessly thrive on the misfortune of others, exploiting the land and its innocent inhabitants with no regard for the consequences.

At long last, our journey has led us to a remarkable destination: the world of Jet, an imaginative character who assumes the role of an investigative photojournalist. Jet’s captivating stories unfold in the Minnesota Blufflands, an area abundant with wildlife and crime. Within this enchanting setting lies the small town of Tubek, nestled in the foothills of the blufflands. Tubek, meaning “land of the wandering river,” is believed to hold a divine presence, watched over by both God and Angels.

Jet, by enlisting the aid of other characters from my other comics, who make cameo appearances, as well as the wise guidance of K.C. Tawny, her great-great-great-grandfather, she successfully unravels the answers and solutions to the tricks and perils set forth by the rednecks.

Despite Tawny’s passing, the founder of the inaugural sheriff’s office, he has found a portal that enables him to maintain a connection and uphold justice in the valley he dedicated his life to protecting. This portal serves as a means for him to combat lawless individuals who prioritize trading the welfare of animals and destroying the land’s beauty, all while preserving it for the benefit of future generations.


Pre-order the first comic. No payment is collected at this time. Comics run one episode. You are purchasing a paper edition of the comic. 

Exclusive Products.  The "1" copy is our comp copy, not for sale. 

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