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Monarch Moon | Episode 1

Monarch Moon | Episode 1


Monarch Moon

A time travel story by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Glass Slipper Serials 

Photos on Cover Illustration, Design: ©1999-2018 Lisa Loucks Christenson All Rights Reserved.


Marketa is known in her circles, as "Kaei",  and it's her grandmother Pessie, who encourages Kaei to chase her dreams, if fact, she is the one who begged her to enter a once-in-a-lifetime photo internship contest.

When Kaei wins she travels to the USA, to the mansion of the world famous lepidopterist Clarence Morton, a recluse living in the blufflands of southeastern Minnesota. It's Clarence who offers Kaei an opportunity to photograph the life cycles of monarchs that will be published in his newest book, on butterflies and moths of Minnesota.

Given the chance to explore her new freedom, changes everything Kaei thought about life and those we love, or fall into love with. 

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