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8H: Eight Horsemen of Equinox Estuary

#2 #3 10K words 8H: Eight Horsemen of Equinox Estuary Christian Visionary Fiction CoyWolf Entertainment™ dystopian Episode ISBN-13: 978-1-970165-06-7 L.L. Christenson Rumored in Eden Subsidiary Rights are available for this series. Contact the publisher. White Wolf Creek™ Gallery & Gifts


                       8H: Eight Horsemen of Equinox Estuary                                 

L. L. Christenson

First Christmas in Eden

8H: Eight Horsemen of Equinox Estuary

Episode #1

10K Words

ISBN-13: 978-1-970165-06-7


A new Christian dystopian drama is unfolding . . . Will prayers be enough?

Who will protect the residents of Eden of Equinox Estuary? How will the Christians defend themselves in a battle they can’t see coming?

Who will survive the approaching wars? Who will be swept away in the flood, and who will remain standing when the unclean tides wash in and flood Equinox Estuary with intriguing new residents that possess god-like abilities?

Some residents believe that the prophecy told long ago is coming true. Others question the eyewitness account of Savan, Eden of Equinox Estuary’s youngest artist. What did she really see in the sunrise over the estuary that cold October morning?


If a dark-figured man really did drift into the estuary, anchor his boat to a rock in the grasses, and wade to shore, then why didn’t anyone else notice?

If he was from around Eden, or anywhere in Equinox Estuary, then why would he be crazy enough to attempt to lure in the wildest estuary horse? Everyone in Eden of Equinox Estuary knows not to get close to Titani, the yearling stallion born with a mark that resembles the map of their entire estuary on his forehead. Why hadn’t this man known to stay away? Titani doesn’t like humans, and he always runs at them, chasing them away. What hold did this man have on him anyway?

What did Titani’s silver-grey eyes see in the man? What was the pause in his eyes that Savan had described? Whether by Titani’s instincts or pure horse sense, Titani never failed to read the hearts or intentions of men.

Was Titani feeling the same evil aura that day as Savan? Why did Titani turn and look at her before rearing and baring his teeth at the intruder?

Titani had taken off after the man, attempting to trample him with his hooves and continuing to race after him, but the strange man escaped his fate.

He had evaporated in a wisp of smoke—that’s what Savan said—and appeared again seconds later inside his boat, drifting away through the folds of the late-season grasses.

After hearing Savan’s story, everyone questioned how he came to Eden of Equinox Estuary. The elders of the tribe asked Savan if the man was actually there at all.

The few people who stood by Savan and believed her story still ask if she can remember anything else about the man.

Whoever he was, wherever he went, he left no other witnesses.

The majority of the residents smiled at Savan when they saw her on the streets. She overheard their whispers and trailing laughter at what they called a tall tale. Their words hurt her feelings, but their odd stares and muffled conversations about her didn’t stifle her creativity. The pain of ridicule from those who didn’t believe her story opened her mind to look for every telling detail, things that couldn’t be challenged or referred to as it were, a child running with a wild imagination, in the future.

Weeks went by without further incident, but then, during the most sacred time of the year, a week before Christmas, the odd man returned. This time he was not alone and there were many witnesses among the doubters of Savan’ story, which only led to more questions.

This time, his appearance was undeniable, for there, in full view, pulling up to the banks of Equinox Estuary, was that same man in the boat that Savan had described. But he was not alone. He’d returned, not as a scout, but as a leader that now traveled with what appeared to be his troupe.

From a short distance, the residents of Equinox Estuary watched as these people and creatures stepped, flew, or jumped out of the boat. Who were these new explorers with god-like abilities that they could evaporate and reappear, shape-shifting from a human form into a cougar, an eagle, and a deer? It was obvious that they were eager to explore this new land on foot, on wing, and on the prowl for danger, ready to make their mark on and take possession of Eden.


Subsidiary Rights are available for this series. Contact the publisher.



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