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Walk the Burn Exhibit Opens Black Friday. You Be the Investigator: The Kitten that Almost Cost Me My Life

"A woman in the woods alone? You're just asking for trouble." --Winona County Dispatcher Finding "Ben": Sunday: Christmas Day 2005 Lawless Minnesota Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Walk the Burn Documentary Olmsted County Sheriff's Department "Protect and SWERVE" Saving a kitten The Kitten that almost cost me my life Walk the Burn: Beauty & Crime yellow car

Walk the Burn Exhibit Opens this weekend at Silver Lake Books, the exhibit for Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s Walk the Burn: Beaver, Minnesota Ghost Town Documentary and True Crime (AKA: “Beauty & Crime”)

The rotating print exhibit of Walk the Burn: Beauty & Crime opens on the second floor this weekend at Silver Lake Books. 

Lisa will release select images over the next several months, giving the public the opportunity to investigate what the police would not: the harassment, injustices, animal incidents involving of our area wildlife. Lisa, is still the wildlife’s voice. In this graphic exhibit (not suitable for soft hearts or kids) she presents the facts through her photos.

Lisa's documentary Struggling for Existence: What Nature Shared is still in progress. This book's content overlaps a few of the incidents Lisa documented in her Walk the Burn, with the same subjects but it includes additional commentary and  photos. This book is graphic and shows true-life as Lisa found it. It follows Lisa on her 13-mile beat through the bluff lands, and beyond through 15 years and beyond, and includes the scenes and incidents our wildlife had to endure to survive.

I shot this picture of the kitten I’d seen floundering on the other side of County Road 2. I pulled over and went to get the kitten and set it down on this side of the highway to be with its mom.

Ironically, you can’t see it in this shot, but I had been only seconds away from a yellow car (behind the kitten I’m holding for a quick picture) driving straight on this part of a road that was fairly straight. I watched, frozen like a deer-in-the-headlights, but instead, I stood in broad daylight, as the driver in the red cap and stoic face crossed the center line, and then he drove over the white line, his eyes on mine, he wasn’t asleep at the wheel. He missed me by an inch of my life.

I gave the information to who needed to know, after waiting a day because I didn’t want another report filed against me. I didn’t need to be hurt again. Made fun of more. That and it took that long to process why it had happened.

As I expected, I was made fun of, laughed at, and told it didn’t happen. The same car would appear in front of my house months later, on Christmas Day, right after I’d had another incident in the woods, the one I called the Winona County Sheriff’s Department and was told by the female dispatcher, “A woman in the woods alone? You’re just asking for trouble.” Actually, I was working on my Winter Bug documentary and Walk the Burn. I wasn’t asking for anything.

One of these incidents is in my Walk the Burn book; both are Finding “Ben” Series: Sunday, Christmas Day 2005

Olmsted Country Sheriff's Department has shown me, they don't protect and serve, they protect and swerve.


Lisa’s Walk the Burn documentary was recorded in the former town of Beaver, Minnesota (a real Minnesota ghost town), consecutive days from April 8, 2005 through November 10, 2006.

Question for the public: I am facing east while holding the kitten.

I am seeking your public opinion to see if you come up with the same conclusions.

1. Does the road appear to be straight?

2. Is there anything in the road that you can see that would cause a vehicle to (not swerve) but gently drive over the center line?

3. Do you see the white line behind the kitten?

4 Would this be considered a place to stand or ride a bicycle?

5. Is it normal for a car heading west, to be driving on the left side of the road?

6. Would you be scared if that same car crossed the center line, then the white line while driving at you?

7. Would you have stopped to help the kitten?

8. Would you be concerned if that same yellow car showed up 3 months later in front of your house?

9. Would you trust Olmsted County Sheriff's Department again if they made fun of you, ridiculed you for reporting this?

EMAIL: Lisa@LisaLC.com.  


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