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Syndicated Cartoon by Creator Lisa Loucks-Christenson Announces Book #16, Connecting the Stars

Black & White or hand-colored for your publcations Book 16 Courtly Cottontails License the Courtly Cottontails License: (800) 928-2372 Syndicated Cartoon by Lisa Loucks-Christneson

Courtly Cottontails in Connecting the Stars, Book 16, by Creator Lisa Loucks-Christenson

#16-02 by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Book of comics, 32 illustrations

Dedicated to the Rochester Minnesota Police Department, Winona County, and Olmsted County Sheriff's Department, and Wabasha Sheriff's Department. When you were needed, you bailed and took the short roads back to your towns. You denied helping me through my "sloughs" of Whitewater and Rochester incident/reports. This book fell like a falling star so I made my wish and decided you just need a little more help connecting the stars.

RPD detective: I did like you asked, I really tried, but between spending four years on oxygen, going septic twice, my husbands' cancer, the infection that followed, the harassment y'all refused to document (you know, like that neighbor with five cameras on our family and property, over our pool, deck, filming our only entrance into our home, our mailbox, and don't forget how he rang the doorbell after 10PM at night, came INTO our home and grabbed my husband pulling him outside screaming expletives, while I grabbed the kids--just a few feet from all of this activity . . . and then his wife did a similar act on me, a few weeks later. You know. The anonymous letters, the cruel things we endured. Your officers coming to my house demanding I turn my exterior lights off while living in that bad situation. It's all on video. Throwing a bag with food and ibuprofen in my yard trying to kill my security dogs, and finally did kill one. Your officers know. The endless hacking. The break-ins, the thefts. The stalking. You know. I gave you the reports from security I had to hire because you failed our family in every possible way.  I couldn't narrow all of the incidents that affected my family to only a "couple" of things like you wanted while I was supposed to wait for your "state" guy to look at them when he came down again. That was well over a couple of years ago. You've really put me and my family in a bad place. 

I Just wanted to take a quick poll, send your answers to my email: Lisa@LisaLC.com Of just those few incidents above, which two would you pick? Last time I checked the laws, filming into a minor's bedroom, broadcasting our conversations worldwide over insecure WiFi, and worse, were federal violations, and when we brought it to court your department well, I won't say it here. I will say it though. I have a lot to say with photos in my upcoming books. If you think going through these incidents the first time hurt and cut me open, there are barely words to share how it hurts going through it again, half my family passed on, my own health blowing in the winds. 

Book 16 of the Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails:

The Courtly Cottontails must become detectives on this hare-raising adventure while protecting their friend and connecting the stars to find her stalker running wild and free in the night skies.

Courtly Cottontial

License individual comics, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annually, or the entire book.

Licensing: (800) 928-2372 

Creator: Lisa Loucks-Christenson


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Since reporting incidents must come from your own city police, I've switched countries: If you need to send/mail/reach me:

Lisa Loucks-Christenson

903/50 Clarence St.

Sydney, NSW 2000 

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