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Loucks Studios, Inc. Bricks-and-Mortar Stores Closed 9/11/2021 to 9/13/2021 for Safety Reasons After Arson Threat

by Lisa Loucks-Christenson |

Loucks Studios, Inc. and all stores will be closed 9/11/2021 to 9/13/2021 due to arson threat and to give Rochester Police Department time to arrest this man, who exposed his name on a Google Review.
The man visited the Silver Lake Books store on 9/10/2021 and demand Loucks Studios, Inc. president's husband to purchase his used book, one that he claimed was selling for $500.00+ on Amazon. He only wanted half. 

He was asked to leave, when he became abusive, threatening, and causing a scene, finally threatening to burn the book in front of the store.
Lisa Loucks-Christenson founder, president, and CEO of Loucks Studios, Inc. issued a new storewide policy, immediately following this arson threat, following on the heals of a personal attack on her, personally, after a homeless man tried breaking her windows at another location, then came in and attacked her last fall. Loucks-Christenson was alone, her husband had just left but was returning after making a bank deposit. He was able to help identify the man to police, since he had to stop for him as he left, moments before he'd attack his wife.
Loucks-Christenson was able to dispatch alarms, and kept 911 on the call while being attacked verbally, and stale him, hearing the sirens as he entered and left and came back with something he was holding behind his back in his right arm, and finally, as man moved in on her. She was able to get him to leave, mostly because a church had donated some books that day, Loucks-Christenson a Christian, was behind the books that created the one second block she needed to keep the man out of her back office and get him out. 
All of the incidents are on video.