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As a Victim of Break-ins, Dangerous Situations Use Your Phones and any Recording Devices

911 Bad cops advice Do NOT run from your attacker face your attackers Film your attacker. Lisa Loucks-Christenson Media Syndicate Photograph your attacker Victims: use your cameras in a bad situation

Real Crime Pictures from October 2020 incident © 2020 Lisa Loucks-Christenson. Any police agency can license these for training, along with the video. (800) 928-2372. These pictures don't show the guys face, I chose these for that reason. He has rights, even though he was committing a crime.

Attacker coming in for round threeMy attacker My attacker with something in his back pocket--his water was in the frontWater bottle?

his eyes turned black

These are real crime photos. I shot them while trying to survive another attack last fall. That was my fourth incident in October 2020.

I have many more pictures and the video, and there is a "911" call. These pictures are shot off the videos. These pictures prove that there was something, like I had stated, in his back pocket. Look at it. Does this look this the water bottle the police said it was? He only had one water bottle, per the police.

I have video of him dropping the bottle on the video, and while this object is showing when he bends down to pick up the water bottle. This appears to be a  weapon of some sort, probably what he hit the back window with, if it wasn't a rock, while I can only speculate that he was trying to see if the alarm sounded.

My husband would tell the officers that he had to stop and wait for this man to cross the street. My husband had no idea that he'd just watched the man that was about to terrorize his wife.

The man hit the first window, then he threw his body at the second window that was right in front of me. (Try erasing that from your mind).

The first time he entered I stalled and got him moving to the door, hoping the police would be there any second.I told him he had to have a face mask. I got him out, but couldn't lock the door because the keys were in back and there was not enough time to get them. I had to stay focused and be ready because I "knew" he didn't leave, though he said he was going out to check his bike that I'd already seen pressed against my only exit door. I had no escape, except through him, but that wasn't possible either. 

When seconds later he pulled the door open and stormed at me, I'd heard, every so briefly, police sirens when he came in the second time. I was lucky to have any officers, since President Trump was in town and everyone was on their details to  protect him, keeping the traffic moving, doing police things. 

The second time he came in, he came at me, this time his eyes had changed. He was angry, he charged me at my desk. Asked me if anyone else was there. (It's all on video). I told them they were in the back. He said, there was no one else there. He knew because he watched my husband leave. (speculation).

He mocked me. Things happened as he came toward me.  I "knew" that once again in my life, the police were going to be too late. I'm not joking, it's a hollow feeling.

As a teen, my dad was out of the country, mom was at work when our house caught on fire. My sister and I had to beat the flames that ran up the walls and jumped everywhere. Grease fires do that. I know I made that "911" call too. Go listen to it. I still remember what I said, "Fire." It was enough and I hung up and tried reaching my mom, then my grandfather and looking back those calls gave me that few extra seconds that I needed to refocus while we were losing our home. Every second counted. I knew to grab the baking soda and threw it at the fire. My dear sister used water and I remember screaming when she did that because she panicked, she must have known not to use water, but the flames were everywhere around us, they ran up the walls above our heads where we couldn't reach on the ceiling, they were burning through the cupboard where the matches and birthday candles were. The flames and jumpers pinched and burned both of us and our arms. She was burned, I was bitten. 


So when this man came in, I refused to hide or run. I faced my fire, like the ones that happened after that first fire in my life. Later,  I'd faced cougars and bears and rattlesnakes, and creepy men in Whitewater but I had German Shepherd protection dogs to help me. I'd been prepared for his attack many times over. 

This time, my dogs had passed on, and so had my big sister, but they all taught me to stand and keep fighting, not to run. 

I was really shaken after this. Every single attack that a person goes through can be put aside, some, but they will all come back like fires running up a wall and on the ceiling.


The other photos will be in my books.  I don't need or want your empathy. All these things did what they had to do to toughen me up, God can't use me as a weakling. 

One more thing, if you are in the woods and a cougar comes up on you or a bear, and I know this following information because I've had both of these experiences: Do not under any circumstance run or hide. Be ready to defend yourself. You can't win with your back turned. You can't outrun a cougar or a bear. Take that advice and you have a good chance of surviving. Take bad advice from a cop that hasn't been trained to walk in your shoes, and can't handle a case load if he's assigned it, makes you a cold case and the next statistics, behind my cases and incidents. 

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