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Two of the Suspect(s) harassing Lisa while on her Walk the Burn, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, Winter Bugs Documentary

"Edward" was always trying to get me to his house 2006 - Year Two Dancer & Daedee after another incident with Edward and co-heart(s) breeding timber rattlesnakes--at his house. C/O Heaven Donny & Pauly I had become the "town joke" and everyone wanted to mess with the "Nature Photographer". Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary Man who grabbed my hand and felt up my fingers The conservation officer warned me that by turning him in The sheriff told me Walk the Burn Winter Bugs!


From Year Two Dancer & Daedee

 Lisa with Donny and Paul


2006, Year Two Dancer & Daedee: Epiphany Season

Sample of the documentaries. From raw text files, not edited. This was a real conversation between Lisa and a couple men who watched over her because of the problems she was having in the Whitewater Valley, while working on her Walk The Burn, Winter Bugs, and Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentaries.


This man above that Paul saw watching me, is who I refer to as "Edward" in the documentaries. If you read my books, you'll find that Edward, along with his brother, and the man that ran the trap lines around any trace of safety I had, were constant threats to me--where ever I walked, but especially in a couple of areas. Figuring out their plans was only half my challenge, the rest I documented by following my instincts.

"Edward" was always trying to get me to his house, or to go with him to Tiffany Bottoms, a nearby wildlife refuge full of massasauga rattlesnakes. Snakes that he claimed to have had in his possession, along with a breeding pair of timber rattlesnakes--at his house. Snakes I told the CO about. The conservation officer warned me that by turning him in, I'd be bringing trouble onto myself and asked if I was prepared for that?

What was the difference? Had I not already had enough "experiences?"

The sheriff told me, after another incident with Edward and co-heart(s), I had become the "town joke" and everyone wanted to mess with the "Nature Photographer".


Now, years later, I return to the valley when I want to . . . and someone else is living in his house. Who is laughing now? 

Walk the Burn

Winter Bugs

Year One Dancer and Daedee


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